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FLETCHER (Reception)

Welcome to Fletcher Class! 

We are named after the author Tom Fletcher who wrote the books

There's a Monster in Your Book and The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet

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In Fletcher class you will find

       Miss Cooke                                        Miss Machin                                        Miss Wordsworth
Miss Cooke                                                                    

Maths Mastery - Number 1

As part of our Maths Mastery focus, the children have been learning about the number 1. To develop a secure understanding of the number 1 we have been representing it in different ways by using things such as objects, movements, noises and written marks. We have also been exploring children's thinking through detailed discussions, where we encourage the children to explain and justify their answers. The children have all demonstrated a secure understanding of the number 1 and it has been amazing to see how they have used the provision to apply their learning and explore this even further! Throughout the year, we will continue to support the children in becoming masters of maths by exploring numbers 1-10 in fun, engaging and meaningful ways. Keep checking our page to follow our journey!

World Mental Health Day

To promote and support World Mental Health Day, Fletcher class spent the day exploring mindfulness and well-being activities. The children loved taking part in our yoga sessions and were fantastic at practising our breathing exercises. During these relaxing exercises, we focused on becoming aware of the different parts of our body and finding our inner calm. Some children took a trip to the garden, where we engaged in some more yoga movements and we spent some time relaxing whilst listening to the nature sounds in the garden.
Our daily discrete phonics sessions enable the children to apply their phonic knowledge through reading and writing activities which are adapted to their needs. The children are making good progress with their Phonics and have now learnt a range of letter sounds. To help support your child with their learning, why not practise the Jolly Phonic songs at home? We sing these songs in school to help children remember the letter sounds they are learning. Follow this link to find the songs!

Key Person System

At Sharp Lane Primary School we continually strive for the best outcomes for our pupils both academically and emotionally. Our Key Person system plays a vital role in connecting and tuning in with children and families at a more personal, small group level. Whilst Miss Cooke will have overall responsibility for the children in Fletcher class, your child's Key Person will play an essential role in caring for your child, supporting their development and developing rich relationships with families, resulting in a 'community of learners' approach. Spending daily time in our Key Person groups supports our ethos of 'togetherness' which is embedded within our key family approach. Through this approach, we are able to become engaging companions for curious young minds, supporting their explorations and observing their discoveries. It is through this approach that we are able to observe our children flourish whilst achieving wonderful outcomes and most importantly being 'happy'. 

Reception Class Curriculum meeting

We hope that your children have had a wonderful start to the year and have settled well into their new class. The team are thrilled to invite you along to a curriculum workshop where we will share information about the Early Years Curriculum, how children learn in the Early Years, how we support learning at Sharp Lane Primary School and ways in which you can support at home. The dates for these sessions are: Thursday 20th September at 3:30pm or Tuesday 25th September at 9am. We look forward to seeing you at one of these.

How Children learn in Early Years

In Early Years we recognise children as competent and capable learners born with inquisitive minds. Listening to the children's curiosities and interests is a key method through which we are able to interact, scaffold and co construct learning alongside the children, creating a learning environment in which children flourish into confident explorers and reflective learners. Throughout the year the children's learning in Reception Class will reflect this 'community of learners' approach where children interests are the basis for future learning. This alongside discrete teaching sessions of key skills in Phonics and Maths will support the children in becoming independent and motivated learners.