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Welcome to Filey Class!

The teachers in Filey class are Miss MacNay, Mrs Machin, Mr Anderson (on a morning) and Miss Wiechula (on an afternoon). 

Reception is a very exciting year where children are encouraged to follow their interests and explore answers to the questions they ask about the world around them. We will learn lots of new information and skills throughout the year in Reception through playing both inside and out - whatever the weather! Filey class is a safe and friendly place to learn, where all children are valued and everybody is listened to.

We can't wait for a fabulous year with you all! Please keep checking our class page to see all of the wonderful things that we are learning about.

Our Promise

In Filey class, we always talk about how we are a team and we work together to be the best that we can be! As a class, we have discussed and agreed upon the different ways that we can make sure we are being the best that we can be all of the time - we call this our promise to each other. Everybody in Filey class has signed their name to show that they will try their best at all times to not break our promise!


1. We look after our things

2. We share

3. We have kind hands, feet and words

4. We all join in

Picture 1


Have you been able to log onto your child's Tapestry learning journal at home? Please feel free to add pictures, videos or writing about their learning at home. Click on the title above to go straight to the log in page. 

Summer 1 Newsletter

The boys in Filey class are superhero mad! This week, while playing superheroes in the movement area, they have each made a plan of their 'superhero lair' and labelled the things they would have in there. Teddy decided Hulk would have some beef and a drink of coke to keep him strong!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

In Talk for Writing, we are learning the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Can your child retell it for you at home using our story map?



Observing the Caterpillars

We have been very lucky in Reception this year to have tadpoles AND caterpillars! Children have loved observing the changes to both - especially our caterpillars at the moment as they are just like the hungry caterpillar in our story getting fatter and fatter each day! Can your child talk to you about the changes they have noticed?
After some children made crispy buns with Mrs McElvogue last week, Tallulah and Analyz wanted to know if we could make some too. I told the girls that I didn't have any ingredients to make crispy buns so they would need to write me a shopping list so that I could go to the shops and buy what we needed. The girls used their phonics knowledge to write me a list each which I was able to read in order to remember the ingredients. The next day, all of the children in Filey class made their bun - I hope they were yummy! 

Egg Competition!


We have now learnt all of our phase 2 and 3 phonics sounds for Reception. In phonics lessons we are revising all of the learnt sounds and providing children with lots of opportunities to apply their phonics knowledge to their reading and writing on a daily basis. By the end of Reception, children need to be able to demonstrate that they can use their knowledge of letter sounds and tricky words confidently and consistently within both their writing and reading.


We really encourage you to support your child with writing for a purpose as much as possible at home. This could be helping to write your shopping list, a list of things to pack for a holiday, writing birthday cards, helping to type a google search, writing a letter to a friend/grandparent/cousin, making their own party invitations etc. As children are always encouraged to use their knowledge of phonics to spell words, this may mean that children do not always spell words correctly (e.g. they may sound out and write 'house' as 'hows'). This is absolutely normal and shows that children are able to use their current knowledge of phonics to spell the word phonetically. This is exactly what we want the children to be doing in order for them to be as independent as possible with their writing. We would love to see any examples of writing that your child does at home!


It is really important that children are reading their home reader book with somebody regularly in order to support them in becoming really secure with segmenting and blending sounds for reading - please don't forget to sign reading logs so that we know how your child has done with their reading.


Books are changed on a Tuesday and Friday - please put books in the basket next to the question of the day to ensure they get changed. 

We have been learning about patterns in maths and have been focusing on making repeating patterns - children have loved looking for and making patterns within the provision! Can you challenge your child to make a repeating pattern at home? Can they find some patterns around the house and describe them to you? E.g. a pair of stripy socks, patterned wallpaper etc. Take some photos and put them on Tapestry :)
Our new number study number is 9! Some of the children have been finding different ways to represent the number 9 using lots of different resources. Can your child find a way to show the number 9? This might be by counting out 9 cars, adding two groups together to make the number 9 or drawing 9 objects. Can your child tell you what one more and one less than 9 is? What would happen if you added 10 to the number 9? Can you find the number 9 anywhere in your house? E.g. on the remote control, the telephone, the oven, car license plates etc. You can take photos or write it on a wow star to add to your child's tapestry!

Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who have come along to our read and relax sessions that we have held so far. Our next session is on Friday 10th February - we would love to see you from 1pm onwards!

Gabriel's Innovation!

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Nala's Innovation!

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Leia's Innovation!

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Our Solar System!

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From learning the story 'Aliens Love Underpants' in our talk for writing sessions, the children have become interested in space and the planets. They have enjoyed watching a video to help them learn the names of the planets in our solar system. We spoke about what the words 'orbit' and 'revolve' mean - some of the children did a fantastic demonstration of the 8 planets orbiting the Sun to help us to understand what it meant! Gabriel took his job as the Sun very seriously and stood very still in the centre of Filey Class' solar system. Well done William for staying so close to the Sun whilst you were orbiting - he was Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun!

Solar System Song

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. The children have been very excited to share their news from the Christmas holidays this week and have enjoyed telling their friends about their favourite part of Christmas in small groups. We have been developing our talking skills by practising speaking in full sentences when sharing our news; this is going to be a big focus for us this half term!


Image result for aliens clipart           Image result for aliens clipart           Image result for aliens clipart         Image result for aliens clipart         Image result for aliens clipart


Children arrived to school on Wednesday morning to find something mysterious had happened over night. There was a trail of green slime across the playground, strange looking footprints in the shared area, slime in the sand pit and PANTS everywhere! Children were extremely excited and started discussing straight away what they thought had happened:


Cooper: "I think it was Slimer... from Ghostbusters."

Hannah: "Well it might be a monster because I haven't seen it."

Gabriel: "It must be an alien invasion!"


We had a think about who likes underpants to help us figure out who might have come to take our pants. Some of the children remembered a story that we have enjoyed in class together: 'Aliens Love Underpants!' (You can watch a video of the story being read at home by clicking on this YouTube link: The children were almost certain that it was aliens that had been to visit us in the night. I then showed the children a video that had been recorded from our outdoor CCTV cameras; it was a spaceship landing in our outdoor area! We could not believe it!


Nala: "There was pants even on the roof so they might have gone up there! They're very cheeky!"

Leia: "We could get some magnifying glasses and look to see if they're big or if they're small."

Ollie: "They might poo slime on us and everywhere!"

Callum: "If we got in a rocket and went to see the aliens then they might just cuddle us and they might get slime all over us!" 

U.F.O landing!

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In maths this week we have been learning about length. Children have enjoyed comparing the lengths of a range of different objects and loved going for a visit to the garden to collect sticks to compare! Some of the key vocabulary that we have used when talking about length this week include: long and short, longer and shorter, longest and shortest. Towards the end of the week we have begun to check our comparisons by using non-standard units of measure (e.g. cones, cubes.) We measured that a blue snake was 19 cubes long and a yellow snake was 9 cubes long. Hannah was able to tell us all that, "We know the blue snake is longer because 19 is a bigger number than 9!" Fantastic reasoning Hannah!


Preview Learning: Next week in maths we will be continuing with measurement and applying the skills we have learnt about comparing and measuring length this week to height. You can support your child by introducing them to the vocabulary involved in height: tall and short, taller and shorter, tallest and shortest.  


We are into phase 3 of our phonics now and have begun to learn digraphs this week. A digraph is 2 letters together which make only one sound. The digraphs that we have learnt this week are 'ch' and 'sh'. We have been practising reading words with the new sounds in as well as spelling words! You can listen to the jolly phonics songs for these digraphs at home by clicking on the links below:


Challenge: Can you read these words?

fish          chip          chat          shop


How you can help at home: Please continue reading with your child at home - it is important that they have lots of opportunities to practise their blending skills at both home and school! Don't forget to put your child's home reading diary and book in the basket on a Tuesday and Friday in order for it to be changed.

Christmas Dinner Day!

Reading books

Thank you for your support with reading with your child at home - their progress is already evident and it is supporting them to be much more confident reading in school. Please continue to share stories with your child for pleasure as well as the books which are being sent home to practise their phonics knowledge. You can evidence other books which you have shared at home together in their reading record, as well as the school books. The comments that you put in the reading record can be extremely important - please continue to highlight the strengths and areas to work on for your child within their reading record.


Books are changed on a Tuesday and Friday. If you would like your child's book changing, please place it in the basket on these mornings. Please remember that if you don't feel your child is ready for a new book, they can keep it for longer. Staff will also try to read with children in school whenever there is time available. 

REMINDER: Our Nativity performances are this week  - Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th December at 2pm. Entrance to the hall will be through the tunnel at Dolphin Road.

Cheeky elf!

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We had another visitor to Filey class on Thursday night. We arrived at school on Friday morning to find all of the decorations that we had put on the tree were scattered across the classroom - there was baubles and tinsel everywhere! The visitor was caught on camera and the children couldn't believe that it was one of Santa's elves who had made the big mess! Some children thought that it was funny but lots of the children in Filey class were very cross at the elf and wanted to let Santa know about it. We decided that it would be a good idea to write a letter to tell him what had happened. We used our new whiteboard to write a letter all together:
Picture 1

We arrived at school on Thursday morning to find that we had had a special visitor to Filey class overnight. There were footprints leading to our classroom door and through our classroom to a Christmas tree! There was a letter at the top of the tree and we sat down to read it all together... it was from Santa! Can you believe it? Santa had been in our classroom! He had left us lots of exciting things to play with as well as lots of Christmas decorations and a magic key! Everybody was extremely excited to talk about how Santa might have got into our classroom:


Oliver: "He used the magic key to open the door!"

Riley: "He might of even used it come through the wall!"

Isabelle: "No he came down that chimney up there because that's what my daddy told me!"

Miss MacNay: "I wonder how Santa would be able to fit down there! It's only a very thin chimney and I know that Santa has a big belly!"

Isabelle, Cooper, Riley, Nala: "He's magic!!!"

Joshua: "Yeah and he uses the magic to make him fit down it!"


Just when we thought it couldn't get any more exciting, Mr Sayer brought a huge parcel down to Filey class. It was a present from Santa! We all sat in a big circle and opened the present together. It was a huge whiteboard to help us with our story telling - thank you Santa!

Number Study Area - 6!

We have enjoyed using the number study area to find lots of different ways to show the number 6 this week. We have used different resources, including tens frames to find how many more we need to add to make 10. The number study area helps us to gain a really good understanding of the value of numbers. What could you use at home to show the number 6? Can you take pictures to add to our number study area?


In phonics this week we have learnt new sounds 'c', 'k', 'e', 'u' and 'r'. We have been identifying objects and words that start with these sounds. We have also been continuing to read words with the new sounds in by blending and crashing the sounds together! The Jolly Phonics clips for this week's sounds are below:


This week we have also spoken about the Tricky Word Troll. He created some words that we cannot sound out and we just have to learn by looking at them - we call these tricky words. The tricky words that we have learnt this week are 'the' and 'to'. See if your child can read the tricky words by just looking at them!


How you can help at home: We are learning new sounds very quickly now and so it's really important to keep practising the sounds we have already learnt at home as well as in school. Please do listen to the Jolly Phonics songs at home with your children - they really enjoy singing them and the actions support them in remembering the sounds! Playing simple games such as eye spy with the sounds we are learning when out and about at the weekend or during car/bus journeys are a fun way to practise tuning into the sounds!  


Preview Learning: In phonics next week we will be learning new letter sounds 'h', 'b', 'f' and 'l'. We will also be learning two new tricky words: 'no' and 'go'. 

In maths this week children have become increasingly confident identifying 2D shapes. They have certainly enjoyed the challenge of learning new shapes with more sides such as a hexagon and octagon! We have continued to explore the different properties of the 2D shapes and children have been able to describe shapes using language such as corners, sides, straight and curved.


How you can help at home: Children have loved going on shape hunts within the Reception areas - looking for objects and signs that are different shapes. They have found circles, squares, rectangles and even hexagons! See if your child can go on your own shape hunt at home over the weekend! Which shapes can you find?

REMINDER: Parent's evening is this week - Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th November. You should have now received a letter with information of your date and time to see me. If you do not yet know your time slot please see myself or Mrs Audsley ASAP. 
We had lots of fun on Friday talking all about Bonfire night and children got very creative making firework and bonfire pictures. A group of children got messy outside creating a big firework picture by flicking the paints. "Bang! Pop!" they shouted as the paint splatted onto the paper. We watched Fireman Sam's ten top tips for keeping safe on Bonfire night - the children listened really well and could remember the important information that Sam told us. We hope you had a safe and enjoyable Bonfire weekend!


In phonics this week we have learnt the letter sounds 'm', 'd', 'g' and 'o'. Children are gaining confidence in segmenting and blending sounds we have learnt in order to read and spell words - they are really impressing us! The jolly phonics actions really help children to remember the sounds, you can listen to the songs together at home by clicking the links below:


Preview Learning: Next week in phonics we will be learning the letter sounds 'c/k', 'e', 'u' and 'r'. You can introduce your child to these sounds and have a look at the jolly phonics songs on YouTube! We will be continuing to segment and blend sounds to read words containing the learnt letters. Your child will start to bring reading books home from next week - these will be given to you at your parent's evening appointment. 

Picture 1 Popping the 'p' sound!
Picture 2 Super spellers!
Picture 3 "p-a-n...pan!"
Picture 4 Feeling proud!
Picture 5 Brooke putting her phonics knowledge into action!

In maths this week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We are confident identifying a circle, triangle, square and rectangle. Some of us have been on shape hunts, identifying different shapes in the environment. We have explored their different properties, counting the number of sides and corners that they have and have tried really hard to use mathematical language to describe shapes to our friends.


How you can help at home: Encourage your child to notice the shape of everyday objects in their environment (e.g. clock faces, windows, TV screen, road signs etc.) How do they know it's a triangle? (It has 3 sides and 3 corners).


Preview Learning: Next week we will be continuing to explore 2D shapes, introducing children to pentagons, heptagons and hexagons. We will explore the properties of these shapes and recap on shapes learnt last week. We will be getting creative in our maths sessions, creating shape pictures in the style of Kandinsky and Mondrian.


In phonics this week we have been learning the new sounds 'p', 'i' and 'n'. We have spoken about words that begin with these letter sounds and have been sorting objects according to their initial sounds. This week we have also begun to use our knowledge of all of the sounds we have learnt so far (s,a,t,p,i,n) to begin to read and spell some words by looking and listening carefully to the sounds. Lots of us can now read words such as: sat, pin, tap, nip and sit! 


You can listen to the jolly phonics songs for 'p', 'i' and 'n' by clicking the links below:



How you can help at home: Continue to encourage your child to recognise letters everywhere, constantly revising ones that we have already learnt as well as the new sounds each week. Encourage your child to show off their blending skills to read words containing the sounds we have learnt. You could write words such as pin, tap, sat, tin, nip, sip, pan on a piece of paper and play a simple bingo game where they have to cross out the word that you say. Support your child to say one sound at a time and push the sounds together to read the word.


Preview learning: After the holiday we will be looking at the sounds 'm', 'd', 'g' and 'o'. We will be continuing to practise our blending and segmenting skills to read and spell words containing the new sounds we have learnt.

We have had a very busy and creative week as we have been producing artwork for the Big Draw competition, following the theme of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). Reception's focus was robots, which the children have really enjoyed! They have worked really hard to create their own fantastically creative representations of robots using a variety of resources. This has included: collages, large and small construction materials, paintings, chalk and our very own drawing robots made from real motors and powered by batteries! We hope you got the chance to come and view our artwork at the exhibition!

Poem of the week: 'Witch, witch' by Rose Fyleman

Still image for this video

Children are getting very excited for Halloween and so we decided to learn a poem about a witch! We used some actions and pictures to help us to remember the words off by heart and tried our best scary witch voices. Ask your child if they can perform it for you at home!


Witch, witch, where do you fly? Under the clouds and over the sky!

Witch, witch, what do you eat? Little black apples from Hurricane Street.

Witch, witch, where do you sleep? Up in the clouds where the pillows are cheap!


In phonics this week we have been learning the letter sounds 'a' and 't'. We have been talking lots about the sounds that we can hear at the start of words and have been sorting objects according to their initial sounds. The children are enjoying singing the jolly phonics songs and using the actions to help them to remember the letter sounds. You can listen to the songs for 'a' and 't' by clicking on the links below:


           Image result for lowercase t


How you can help at home: Encourage your child to notice the letters that we are learning all around them - on shop signs, on food packaging, in books, on street signs etc. Continue to talk about the sounds that can be heard at the start of words and encourage your child to point out things that begin with the 'a' and 't' sounds.


Preview Learning: Next week we will be introducing the sounds 'p', 'i' and 'n' and will start to blend sounds that we have learnt so far to read simple CVC words such as 'tap', 'sit' and 'pan'.


In maths this week we have been continuing to explore numbers to 10. We have been ordering numbers and asking 'what's one more than...' Some children went on a number hunt with Miss Gordon and were telling their friends which numbers they found. We have been counting amounts up to 10 and children have really enjoyed using the numicon - counting the holes and matching the numicon piece with the number. 



How you can help at home: Involve your child in counting everyday items around the house - e.g. when cooking tea, "I need 4 carrots, could you count them out for me please?"


Preview Learning: Next week we will be continuing with numbers to 10 and beyond - we will be talking about the shapes of numbers to help children with their number recognition and will be practising number formation. We will be exploring the value of numbers and finding different ways to show a number using the resources in the maths area.


Hungry caterpillar yoga!

Starting phonics and maths (7.10.16)

We have begun our phonics and maths sessions this week and children have done fantastically well! Myself, Mrs Audsley and Mrs Machin are so impressed with how they have faced the challenge of learning their letter sounds and numbers with such enthusiasm, even when they have found it a bit tricky.


In phonics, we have learnt the letter 's'. We have been learning to say the sound, found objects that begin with the 's' sound and have been practising writing it. We have learnt a song to help us to remember the 's' sound, you can listen to it and sing it at home with your child by clicking the link:


           Image result for s        Image result for s clipart         Image result for alphabetti spaghetti s       Image result for s clipart          Image result for s written in sand 




How you can help at home: Encourage your child to notice everyday items and objects at home which start with a 's' sound. For example, whilst at the park - "swings starts with a 's' sound" or whilst eating tea - "sausages and sweetcorn start with a 's' sound!"


Preview Learning: Next week we will be introducing the 'a' and 't' sounds in phonics. You could show your child these letters and start to discuss things that start with the letter sounds. 


In maths, we have been practising counting to 10 and recognising numbers 0-10. We have begun to check amounts up to 10 by counting each object one at a time. We have been singing lots of songs to help us learn the order of the numbers to 10. You can listen to some of these at home with your child by following the links:


Image result for number 1 Image result for number 2 Image result for number 3   Image result for number 4 house numberImage result for number 5 balloonImage result for number 6  Image result for number 7  Image result for number 8Image result for number 9 football shirtImage result for number 10 candles


How you can help at home: Encourage your child to notice numbers all around them - house numbers, on the television remote, license plates of cars, on clocks, on telephones, train platforms, bus numbers etc. Can they tell you which numbers they can spot?


Settling into Reception

We have had a very busy and exciting couple of weeks in Filey class. Children have been having lots of fun playing in all of the different areas of their new classroom and the shared areas. It has been lovely to see how excited children are to see old friends from Nursery and also meet new friends in their class. We are so proud of how all of the children have settled straight into their new class so well!

Counting fun!

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