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Ramadan Assembly

Year 1 were visited by Greenmount Primary School today, who delivered a fantastic assembly all about Ramadan. We watched their presentations, listened to their songs and learned lots about Ramadan, how it is celebrated and why. The children of Greenmount gave the children handmade Eid cards and also brought in food for all of the children to try! We had a fantastic time!

Half term homework

Your children have been set the homework of creating a pre-learning log on our topic for next half term. This enables us to see what your child knows about this topic before we teach it. Our topic for next half term is called 'The Modern World' which will cover computing, RE, PSHE and Geography. 


Phonics Screening check is just around the corner, so please ensure you are reading with your child every day over the holidays and complete the phonics revision booklet.

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Reminder: It is our class trip to Middleton Woods tomorrow (Friday 11th May), please ensure you check the weather forecast for tomorrow to ensure the children have appropriate clothing. 


In maths this week we have been learning all about position and direction. We have practised making full turns, half turns, quarter turns and three quarter turns! We have enjoyed using bee bots to support our learning and have enjoyed investigating turns. 



In english we have been writing a story in the style of the bad tempered lady bird. We have learnt how to write questions accurately and have come up with some very creative ideas! The children have improved their vocabulary and used much more interesting adjectives!



This week we have been recapping previous learnt sounds. We have been looking at au (haunt) and aw (paw). We are also recapping the er, ir and ur sound family. The children are really impressing me with their phonic knowledge! Well done Drake class!



This week we have been looking at the structure of flowering plants and the function of each part. We have explored this by looking at real flowers and watching videos. We are very excited to visit Middleton Woods tomorrow to further our knowledge of trees and plants!

Friday 16th March - Enterprise Project

We will be having a bake sale to raise money for any future workshops and trips that will take place in year 1. The children will be making chocolate nests in class and we would love for you to come along! Any donations of home baked goods are welcome.




This week in maths we have been learning all about height and the children have been using lots of new vocabulary! The children have enjoyed comparing objects and sharing their comparative sentences! The children now know how to use a ruler accurately, we are super impressed!



This week we have been innovating our class text of 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig'. The children have enjoyed learning all about this text through drama and being able to predict what they though may happen in the ending. Our focus for this week is to create our own endings with a twist! I am very impressed with the unexpected endings I have heard so far! 



We have been learning all about materials and which materials would make the strongest house for the three little wolves. The children have enjoyed experimenting with lots of different materials and have applied this knowledge in their writing.



Learning Alert

We have had a busy week this week...


Book in a day

Last week we decorated our door in the style of the three little pigs as this was the book we were focusing on. The children enjoyed making pig faces and making our door look like it is made out of twigs.



Red day

The children enjoyed red day. We spent the day creating our own ball games. This involved building towers with cups and using bouncy balls and tennis balls to knock them over. The ideas were endless! 


The children had lots of fun on the bouncy castle and joining in with the bounce disco with Mrs Smith!





This half term we have become experts at money! The children have been using this skill in our shop in provision to serve the customers. We have also revisited subtraction this term and the children have shown me lots and lots of different ways we can solve subtraction calculations!



This term we have been learning how to write instructions. I have been really impressed with the time connectives and bossy verbs the children have been using throughout their writing! 



We have been learning all about how shopping has changed over time. The children enjoyed our walk to Middleton Circus shops and have been using everything they have learnt through this experience and applying it in our lessons!



We have been learning all the split digraphs this half term and recapping all the alternative sounds.







Can you see whether your child can spot these sounds in their reading book?



Phonics Workshop

Thank you to those who attended our phonics workshop. We hope you found it useful for supporting your child at home. 

However if you were unable to attend, the slides are attached below for you to view.


This week in year one we have been very busy getting ready for Christmas. We have been writing letters to Santa and making mini Christmas trees. We are very excited about Christmas craft day tomorrow!

Please ensure your child brings a carrier bag to school to put all of their amazing creations in to take home tomorrow. 



Christingle Service 2017

Thank you to all the parents and carers for attending our Christingle service on Friday. The children had worked really hard practising our songs and enjoyed performing to the parents. In class we enjoyed making our own Christingles and learnt about the tradition and the meaning behind each part of the Christingle. 



Christingle Photos

Christingle Photos 1
Christingle Photos 2
Christingle Photos 3
Christingle Photos 4
Christingle Photos 5
Christingle Photos 6

Perform a Picture

The children had worked hard in their art sessions to create a group picture using inspiration from other artists. As a class we then created a body percussion piece to represent our picture, named tornado. We then performed this in assembly for the rest of the school . 


Picture 1

Autumn 2

What a fantastic start to autumn 2! Keep reading to find out more about our wonderful learning in Drake class!

WB 6th November 


We have been  learning all about writing information texts about bearded dragons. The children have enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts about bearded dragons and how to look after them! We then used these amazing facts in our writing using our year 1 non-negotiables of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.



This week we have been focusing on writing number names to 10 and finding missing numbers on number lines. Next week I will be checking that the children remember how to spell their number names. We are also learning how to count in 2's  I was very impressed with how well the children could do this independently without my help! 



This week we have been learning all about Christopher Columbus and his discovery of South America!


Homework - This week your child should have brought home a tricky word mat. Ensure you practice reading and writing these words as much as possible to aid their reading and writing of these words in school.


Check back here next week to find out all about what we have learnt next week!


Welcome to Drake Class!



Important things to note:

PE days - Monday (Indoor kit - pumps and a white t-shirt)

                 Thursday (Outdoor Kit - trainers, a white t-shirt, black jogging bottoms and a black jacket)


Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school with them everyday.


What a fantastic start to the new term in Drake class. The children have really enjoyed learning our rules and routines and are now understanding more about what exciting things we have planned for this year.

We operate an open door policy at Sharp Lane so if you have any questions or queries about how we can work together to best support your child, please do catch me on the door or make an appointment to see after school.  

In phonics we have been revising the phase 3 sounds. This week we have been focusing on the sounds oo, oi, ow, or and ur. See if your child can spot these sounds in their reading books. 

Which 6R Animal are you most like? Ask your child how they can get a certificate for showing these qualities