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DODD (Nursery)

Nursery is all about learning whilst playing and having fun! The children are encouraged to find out new things by exploring the world around them and ask questions. Nursery is a safe, friendly place where children feel happy to take risks and engage in new experiences. All staff strive to build strong relationships with their key children so that they flourish in our setting and children are supported to become "confident communicators" so that they can express themselves effectively to others. Nursery is a wonderful place to be, please take the opportunity to join us at our stay and play events throughout the year.

Well done to all the children that have now completed their first day at Nursery. Lots of the children are managing to say happy goodbyes to their parents in the morning and settling in well. Remember all children are different and it may take your child longer to adapt to our setting but this is all very normal! Please see your child's key worker if you have any concerns. 
The children enjoyed exploring Nursery with their mummies, daddies and grandparents during stay and play. It was lovely to see the children engaging with parents during this time.