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CARLE (Reception)

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We are named after the author Eric Carle who wrote the book

The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


In this class you will find Miss Ford and Miss Haigh and we are both extremely excited to meet you all and spend lots of time with you! We will be having lots of fun and learning new and interesting things. We will have the chance to explore the rest of reception and meet lots of new friends whilst we are at school.


Our Nativity

The children are all enjoying practising for our Nativity show next week. Please practice the songs below with your child over the weekend so they can be super singers at the performance. Also, if your child has a speaking part please make sure you are practising their lines at home so they are confident with the words they have to say.

Thank you!



01 little nativity.wma

02 mary, mary, what a surprise.wma

03 such a long way.wma

04 bethlehem is full.wma

05 in the stable.wma

07 on that night.wma

08 once there were three wise men.wma

10 one little boy in the straw.wma

12 we wish you a merry christmas.wma

Children in Need

Thank you to everybody for joining in with our 'Children in Need' fundraiser. The children really enjoyed coming to school in their pyjamas and Pudsey Bear clothes. The children looked fabulous!


A visit from an Alien!

We recently had a very interesting outer space visitor! We came to school one Monday morning to find that the whole climbing tree had been taped off with Police tape and gooey footprints leading towards our cloakroom! The children were all interested to find out more and when they came inside there was even more unusual evidence! Glitter footprints, slime in the sand pit and Mr Sayer (the caretaker) had footage of an usual spaceship landing. Some of the children decided to write letters to the alien to come back and visit us. We are going to post these to the alien sometime soon!

The Alien Landing

Still image for this video

Storm the Rabbit

This week we had a couple of visits from a very special friend... Storm the bunny! Miss Machin kindly brought her in to meet the children and she got a very warm, loving welcome! The children took great care of Storm by making sure that everybody handled her gently and didn't make too much noise or scare her! It is really important that children are able to experience handling real life animals as it can help to develop their understanding of the world around them and the things that live in it. The children developed a great love for Storm throughout the days she spent with us and were amazing at looking after her. Thanks for visiting us, Storm! 


We were very lucky to be able to have a brilliant Judo session in school. We explored how to move our bodies in different ways by pretending to be animals - it was so much fun! The children all engaged with the session fantastically by listening carefully, following instructions and skillfully moving their bodies in certain ways!

Autumn Half Term Challenge

After the half term we would really love to hear what you have all been up to. It would be great if you and your child could create either a collage of pictures, or a picture drawn by your child, showing what you have been getting up to during the week. Your child will then have time to discuss this and share it during their key worker time. We are really proud of how all the children have settled over their first half term, well done everyone! Thanks for a great start to the school year.

You can either upload these to tapestry or your child can bring these in to school. Thanks.

Last half term we started Music sessions with Miss Lee where the children are able to explore singing, using different instruments to make musical sounds with and moving their bodies to these. The children really enjoyed these sessions and were very excited to take part and we all already can't wait till it's our turn again in spring 2!

Conker Painting!

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Key Person System

A key person is a member of staff who has responsibility for a group of children and helps those children feel safe and cared for. This role is extremely important within an EYFS setting and involves the key person in responding sensitively to children's feelings and behaviours and meeting emotional needs by supporting the child's well-being. The key person is a familiar figure who is accessible and available as a point of contact for parents and builds relationships with the child and parents or carers. Whilst I (Miss Ford) will have overall responsibility for children's learning and development in Carle Class, your child's Key Person will play an essential role in this too.

Reception Class Curriculum meeting

We hope that your children have had a wonderful start to the year and have settled well into their new class. The team are thrilled to invite you along to a curriculum workshop where we will share information about the Early Years Curriculum, how children learn in the Early Years, how we support learning at Sharp Lane Primary School and ways in which you can support at home. The dates for these sessions are: Thursday 20th September at 3:30pm or Monday 24th September at 9am. We look forward to seeing you at one of these.

How we learn in Early Years

In Early Years we recognise children as competent and capable learners born with inquisitive minds. Listening to the children's curiosities and interests is a key method through which we are able to interact, scaffold and co construct learning alongside the children, creating a learning environment in which children flourish into confident inquisitive explorers and reflective learners. Throughout the year the children's learning in Reception Class will reflect this 'community of learners' approach where children's interests are the basis for future learning and explorations. This alongside discrete teaching sessions of key skills in Phonics and Maths will support the children in becoming independent and motivated learners.