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BOND (Yr 3)



This week in English we have been focusing on non-fiction texts by writing our own instructions based on our model text 'How to trap a dragon'. The children have generated a toolkit based on different types of instructional writing and used this to innovate their own set of  instructions. 



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In maths we have been practising using the formal method for addition and subtraction and we have ended the week by recapping addition and subtraction vocabulary and using it to solve mixed word problems. 

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This week we have continued learning  the story, 'The Iron Man'. We have been looking at descriptive techniques using adjectives to describe a setting. In our writing, we have been using sentences of three. In preparation for next week, we have planned our own warning tale. 



This week we have continued our work on place value. We have found 10 more and 10 less than a given three digit number. We have also found 100 more and 100 less than a given three digit number. We have used lots of resources and explored the value of numbers. 


Guided Reading

This week, we have been learning about inference. We have created fantastic inferences based upon short films and pictures. 




This week in English we have had a go at writing our own warning tale and have been busy imitating our new class text 'The Iron Man.'  We have taken on the role of different characters in the story during whoosh and put actions to the text to help us to learn it. We've even had a go at drawing our own text map and used our newly learnt dictionary skills to define words we were unfamiliar with.



This week we have continued our work on place value and have been learning how to order and compare numbers to 1000. We have solved 'True/ false' and 'Odd one out problems' which have developed our reasoning skills. We have enjoyed using the equipment to solve problems and played place value board games and riddles to consolidate our understanding.



This week in topic we have used Venn diagrams to organise activities into push and pull forces. We have looked at how gravity acts on objects and written down our questions about magnetic forces.


Reading buddies

Bond class really enjoyed taking their reading book to read with Year 5 pupils this week. They shared books they would not normally read and it was so nice to see children supporting each other and getting along so well! 










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This week we have been looking at sentence construction. We have learnt about simple and compound sentences and how to punctuate them correctly. We have been busy editing our work by adding in full stops and capital letters with our green pens. Bond have become more confident with  identifying word classes (noun, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and conjunctions).


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This week in maths we have been learning about Place Value in 3 digit numbers and are beginning to use our reasoning skills to show our understanding! Below are some resources and representations which the children have been becoming familiar with. 


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Welcome back to Bond class! We hope that you have had a lovely Summer break, the children were excited to tell us what they had been up to! 

Please check this page every week, it will be updated with key information and children's work regularly so that you know all about what you child has been doing in class. Myself and Mrs Messam are really looking forward to working with you all throughout the year and we have lots of exciting activities planned. 

We have uploaded this half term's newsletter so that you know everything that we plan on doing until October half term. You will also receive a copy of the newsletter so please read it carefully as it has information about PE, our topic, homework, English and Maths.



In Topic, we have started investigating 'Forces and Magnets'. We discussed our prior knowledge and the things we were keen to find out. We then explored the classroom with a range of magnets to find magnetic materials and find answers to some of our questions!


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