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Week 3 


This week, we have began to write our own myth based on the class text 'Thor and his hammer'. We have tried really hard to use all the features that we have learnt so far in year 3. We made our myths exciting and fun to read! 



This week, we have been focusing on multiplying and dividing by 8. We have learnt a song to help us with this. We have then completed a carousel activity of 3, 4 and 8 times tables. We also used Mathletics - please continue to use this at home. 



This week, we have learnt where the Vikings came from. We found their homelands on a map and we created a key displaying their invasion of Britain. 


Week 2 



This week in Maths, we have developed our knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 4. We have practised the 3 and 4 times tables as a class and we learnt songs to help us do this. 


This is the one we learned for our 4's:


We have developed a range of strategies such as arrays, sharing, jottings and repeated addition and subtraction.



This week we have been focusing on direct speech. We have learnt that:


*Inverted commas go around the words being said

*Punctuation goes before the inverted commas close

*You need to tell the reader who is speaking

* You can use a synonym for said



This week we have learnt where the Vikings came from. We have learnt the seven continents of the world and realised that the Vikings came from Europe just like us! We learnt that they came from Scandinavia and they settled in the UK


Seven Continents Song/Seven Continents Song for Kids

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Welcome back to an action packed Autumn two! 


We hope that you had a wonderful week off. This week we have had Asda come in and we tasted some bread, we had a taster course of Judo and we have enjoyed book buddies with year 5. 


Week 1

In English, we have been learning about Viking myths and we learned about Thor and his Hammer. Using this myth, we have described characters and we have learned lots of impressive vocabulary!


In maths, we have focused on learning our three times tables. We have used these number facts to multiply and divide. 


This is a really good website if you would like to continue learning the three times tables at home:



We are very excited about our new Viking topic and we have already asked lots of questions about the Vikings. We have shared things that we already know about the Vikings and we have found out more about when the Viking era happened. 




We Loved Sharing Our Learning Logs

Half-term Homework

Half-term Homework 1


This week in English, we have been focusing on non-fiction texts by writing our own instructions based on our model text 'How to Trap a Dragon.' The children have created a toolkit so they can write their own instructions based upon catching their own mythical creature. 


Related image



In maths, we have been practising using the formal method for subtraction we have been solving missing number problems. We have ended the week by recapping addition. Next week, we are focusing on solving worded problems. 


In our new science topic, we have been looking at light and investigating shadows. We have learned about opaque, transparent and translucent objects. 

Week 4



This week we have continued learning through the story, 'The Iron Man'. We have been looking at descriptive techniques using adjectives to describe a setting. In our writing, we have been using sentences of three. In preparation for next week, we have planned our own warning tale. 



This week we have continued our work on place value. We have found 10 more and 10 less than a given three digit number. We have also found 100 more and 100 less than a given three digit number. We have used lots of resources and explored the value of numbers. 


Guided Reading

This week, we have been learning about inference. We have created fantastic inferences based upon short films and pictures. 

Week 3



This week we have began our first topic of 'The Iron Man'. We have learnt the story, made actions to help us remember and we have enjoyed finding key words in the text. We have used dictionaries to find the definitions of words in the text that we do not know. We have also used some fantastic adjectives and similes whilst describing a setting. 



This week we have continued our work on place value. We have also started to compare and order numbers to 1000. We have used greater than and less than symbols. 



This week we have investigated pushes and pulls as types of forces. We looked at photos and decided whether they were push or pull forces. 


Place Value Maths

Growth Mindset

Picnic Breakfast

Handa's Suprise Fruit Tasting!

Music is fun!

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Our New Topic


This afternoon, we had an exciting time finding out more about magnets! We used magnets to experiment whether more things were magnetic inside than outside!


More Information About Swimming


We had a fantastic first session swimming at John Charles! The children were really excited to get into the water and they worked hard in their groups!


The children were put into three groups.


The first group  is water confidence. In this group, the children focus on their confidence in the water and they use floats and play games which allow their confidence to grow. This group work with a swimming instructor from John Charles.


The second group work with another swimming instructor from John Charles and Miss Birch.These children are working on their fundamental skills such as floating and breathing. They also work on their ongoing water confidence. 


The third group work with myself and Mrs Moyles. We work on our stroke techniques looking at our leg and arms. We also look at different ways of travelling in the water. 


By the end of the year, we hope that all children will have a brilliant time swimming, increased their confidence and improved their stroke techniques. 

Autumn 1 Newsletter

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Welcome Back!


We have an amazing fun filled term ahead! 

Here is some key information: 

Reading Records

Please bring reading records in every Friday to be signed and updated for Raving Readers. Books will be changed as and when required. It is your child’s responsibility to hand in their reading record otherwise it will not be seen or signed by their teacher.




Indoor P.E will be every Wednesday and this term we will be focusing on fundamental skills. 

P.E kit: white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps.



We will be swimming every Monday and we will get back to school at 3:30pm.

Girls: swimming costume (no bikinis or tankinis), towel, (hairbrush and goggles if required).

Boys:  short swimming trunks (no board shorts), towel (hairbrush and goggles if required).