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Welcome to Adams class!

We are named after the famous Nicola Adams, the gold medal winning boxer from Leeds!


In this class you will find Miss Ford, Miss Tallis, and Miss Garvey and we are all extremely excited to meet you all and spend lots of time with you! We will be having lots of fun and learning new and interesting things. We will have the chance to explore the rest of reception and meet lots of new friends whilst we are at school.


I hope you are looking forward to starting school as much as we are looking forward to seeing you! 

Miss Ford :)


Adams Class Promise!


As a class we decided what we thought was important to make sure everyone always feels safe and happy at school. This is what we came up with - everyone made their promise and sealed it with a smile!


Welcome back! We have had a lovely first week of Summer term and the sun even came out to play!


Sunshine! 1
Sunshine! 2
Sunshine! 3
Sunshine! 4
Sunshine! 5
Sunshine! 6
Sunshine! 7
Sunshine! 8
Sunshine! 9
Sunshine! 10
Sunshine! 11
Sunshine! 12
Sunshine! 13
Sunshine! 14
Sunshine! 15
Sunshine! 16


Still image for this video


This week in Maths we have been learning all about time. We have learnt about the days of the week, the days of the month, our daily routines and what time we do certain things and how long a minute actually lasts!


Key vocabulary: morning, afternoon, night, today, tomorrow, next week, before, after, now, then etc.


How to help at home: Children are not expected to be able to tell the time on a clock until Year 1 but talking about out daily routines and looking at calendars to discuss the different days, weeks, months and special times in the year will help support your child's knowledge and understanding of time.

The children all made FANTASTIC Easter Bonnets and loved showcasing them to the rest of school and their mummies and daddies! They were all extremely proud and so were we of them! Above are some of the fantastic ones they had made!

Our Easter Message

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Adam's class were so happy to learn that the Easter Bunny has visited the garden leaving eggs for us all to find! We all had lots of fun looking for these eggs and we all got a chocolate egg each! Yummy! Above is Adam's class extremely happy with their Easter eggs with an Easter message for you all. Have a lovely Easter!




Our Easter Bonnet Parade is on Wednesday 28th March @ 9.30am and 2.30pm.


We have all really enjoyed learning about weight this week in Maths. The children have been super at understanding how things are heavier and lighter than each other and have been able to give realistic predictions about whether they think something will be heavier or lighter. We have had lots of fun weighing different items - we worked in pairs with our own set of scales and chose different things from around the classroom to weigh. Once we had worked out what was the heaviest we made a list so we could look back at what were the heavy things in the classroom. These are some of our super lists...

I love my mummy because...

I love my mummy because... 1
I love my mummy because... 2
I love my mummy because... 3
I love my mummy because... 4
I love my mummy because... 5
I love my mummy because... 6
I love my mummy because... 7
I love my mummy because... 8
I love my mummy because... 9
I love my mummy because... 10
I love my mummy because... 11
I love my mummy because... 12
I love my mummy because... 13
I love my mummy because... 14
I love my mummy because... 15
I love my mummy because... 16
I love my mummy because... 17
I love my mummy because... 18
I love my mummy because... 19
I love my mummy because... 20
I love my mummy because... 21
I love my mummy because... 22
I love my mummy because... 23
I love my mummy because... 24
I love my mummy because... 25
I love my mummy because... 26
I love my mummy because... 27
I love my mummy because... 28
I love my mummy because... 29
I love my mummy because... 30

Odd and Even Numbers

We have been learning all about odd and even numbers. We have learnt what kind of numbers even numbers end in and what kind of numbers odd numbers end in. The children have been so fantastic at this and they can instantly tell you whether it is even or odd - we do this quickly by seeing if everyone has a partner. For example:


In a numicon 4 piece every circle has a partner, therefore it is even;

Image result for numicon 4


In a numicon 5 piece not every circle has a partner, therefore it is odd;

Image result for numicon 5


We have also been learning about doubling and halving. We have learnt that doubling a number means adding 2 of the same number and that halving a number is making 2 equal parts - we have learnt that you can not half odd numbers!


We have enjoyed listening to this song whilst learning about odd and even numbers!...

Odd Todd and Even Steven

Our New Favourite Song!!


Recently, as you may have noticed, a lot of changes have been made to our Reception provision - we have installed fairy lights, lamps and lots of other calming features. This is to create a calming and homely environment for the children, to help make them feel more relaxed and at ease whilst they are at school. We know all the children have enjoyed the changes and we hope you do too. Here are some images of some children in Adams class decorating a branch to hang from our ceiling!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5


We have now finished learning all our phase 2 and 3 phonics sounds. We are currently spending our phonics lessons revisiting and revising these sounds to become super strong and confident with our reading and writing and also improve our fluency. We continually give the children lots of opportunity to apply their phonics knowledge in the provision everyday through games and activities. The Early Learning Goal (ELG) that the children should be reaching by the end of their reception year for reading and writing is as follows:


Reading: Children read and understand simple sentences. They use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud accurately. They also read some common irregular words (tricky words). They demonstrate  understanding when talking with others about what they have read.


Writing: Children use their phonics knowledge to write words in way which match their spoken sounds. They also write some irregular common words (tricky words). They write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others. Some words are spelt correctly and others are phonetically plausible.


It is really important now for children to be writing for a purpose as much as possible and we encourage you to do lots of this at home. They could help you out by writing things such as shopping lists, cards, letters, etc. and we would love to see everything they do! Upload it to Tapestry or bring it in to school - I am certain your child would love to show me and the rest of the class what they have done! We really encourage you to let your child use their phonic knowledge to do their writing independently - they know a lot of sounds now so if they get stuck, segmenting the word slowly together will help them to remember. Not all the words that your child writes will be spelt correctly, but, as the ELG says, "Some words are spelt correctly and others are phonetically plausible" so do not worry, this is completely normal. See some examples of our recent writing below:


Keep reading with your child at home, this really helps them, not just with reading but their confidence as a reader too! Books are still changed EVERY Friday.

Adams Class are also becoming fantastic with their tricky words. They use these songs to help them practice and also have an action for each word - get them to show you these at home!

Phase 2 tricky words

Phase 3 tricky words

Important letters;

Little Nativity

We have now started to learn our nativity songs and the children are absolutely loving it! You should have received a letter by now telling you what part your child is playing and what clothes you need to provide. I have attached the songs so you can practice with your child at home! I wonder if they can remember all the actions...

A Little Nativity

Mary, Mary, What a Surprise

Such a Long Way

Bethlehem is Full

In the Stable

On That Night

Once There Were 3 Wise Men

1 Little Boy in the Straw

We Wish You a Merry Christmas


Recently we have been learning about length and height in maths. We have compared different lengths and heights to put them in order. The children have been brilliant at this and have become very confident in using the correct language for these concepts. Knowing which language to use and when is quite difficult when you have learnt these 2 concepts at similar times so to make this easier for the children we explained that height is  measured from the floor to the sky (vertically) and length is measured across the floor (horizontally). The correct language for height and length are;



Long, short, longer, shorter, longest and shortest


Tall, short, taller, shorter, tallest and shortest


See what your children know by challenging them to order some objects from home. Can they describe their order using the correct language?

Tricky Troll Words


This is the 'Tricky Troll' who tries to trick us all by making words which we can't sound out! The children have really enjoyed learning these words and they have even learnt some songs to help them remember how they are spelt. The words we have learnt so far are...

  • the
  • to
  • no
  • go
  • I
  • she
  • he
  • we
  • me
  • be
  • was
  • you


To find the songs follow these links:

Phonics Sounds


The children have continued being fabulous when learning their new sounds and we are now learning phase 3 sounds, including digraphs (2 letters which make one sound). You can listen to the correct enunciation of the phonics sounds we have been learning by

following the link below and clicking on individual sounds. It is really important to ensure we are modelling the correct enunciation of the sounds for children in order to support them with their reading so please do have a listen! 


This week we have continued practising our sounds and have learnt 5 more - 'n', 'm', 'd', 'g' and 'o'! We have been really concentrating on reading and writing this week and the children have really enjoyed it, especially spelling and writing words - they were very proud of themselves! We are still really impressed with how much the children are enjoying learning their letters and how engaged they have ALL been during our phonics lessons, it is great to see. This week we introduced Obb and Bob to the children - these are our 'word eating' aliens, Obb eats silly words and Bob eats real words. The children really liked reading the words and feeding them to the right alien. We have learnt an action and a song for each sound which helps us memorise them, the links for the songs are below;












Other ways to help at home; Encourage children to think of words that start with each letter. Practise the sounds with your child using the reading book or phonics game that was sent home with them today. You could also tell your child a few simple words using the letters we have learnt to segment - remind them to say the word into their hand and shake it up ready.

Next week we will be learning the sounds 'c', 'k', 'ck', 'e', 'u', 'r' and 'h'.

Numbers and quantities!

In maths this week we have been looking at number recognition and matching numerals to quantities. Some children were even doing this with teen numbers! It is very important for us to really understand numbers and how they are made before we start to learn about addition, subtraction and similar things in maths. For example, it is easy for children to think 13 is just 1 and 3 when in actual fact it is 10 and 3 - understanding this will make other math topics easier for your child to learn about.


Next week we will be looking at estimation in maths.

Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain!

Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 1
Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 2
Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 3
Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 4
Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 5
Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 6
Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 7
Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 8
Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 9
Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 10
Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 11
Putting on our own suits to have fun in the rain! 12

Starting our phonics!

Miss Tallis, Miss Garvey and I have all been SO impressed with the way the children have responded to starting our Phase 2 phonics, they have done fantastic! This week we have learnt 5 sounds; 's', 'a', 't', 'p' and 'i'. We have initially been concentrating on recognising the beginning sounds in words but have also been pushing ourselves to read and spell words using these 5 sounds. We have learnt an action and a song for each sound which helps us memorise them, the links for the songs are below;












Other ways to help at home; Encourage children to think of words that start with each letter, maybe every day things in your house, foods they eat, toys they play with. Encourage your children to practise writing each of these sounds.

Next week we will be learning the sounds 'n', 'm', 'd', 'g' and 'o'.

Prepositions in maths!

This week in maths we have been learning about preposition and the different prepositional language we can use to help us explain where something is. The children got this very quickly and were able to describe to us where the fox was in the pictures - he was all over, underneath, on top, next to, in front of, behind!


Ways to help at home; See how much your child can remember by asking them to put their favourite soft toy or figurine in a certain place. Using the language we have used at school (which is bold above) and being consistent across home and school with such language will help make sure your child fully understands things like preposition.


Next week we are looking at matching quantity to numerals and doing a bit of addition near to the end of the week.


A big thank you to everyone who brought donations for the Harvest Festival, they are very appreciated!


The crane!

The crane! 1
The crane! 2
The crane! 3
The crane! 4
The crane! 5
The crane! 6
The crane! 7
The crane! 8
The crane! 9
The crane! 10
The crane! 11
The children are extremely excited about our new outdoor area and so are we! The work men have been working very hard out there for just over a week now and we are seeing differences every day. We have watched them saw pieces of wood, build structures and crane trees in ready for 'The Secret Garden". It has been a fantastic opportunity for the children to have been able to ask the builders lots of questions and also watch them using their tools safely. We are all looking forward to this being completed!

Listening walk!

Listening walk! 1
Listening walk! 2

From the start of the year we have been concentrating on Phase 1 phonics to make sure all the children have the correct foundation of knowledge before we start to learn out letter sounds. This consists of listening to environmental sounds and musical instruments. We have been on listening walks and heard things such as sirens, wind, birds and even a cat rustling the grass and listened carefully to instruments, closed our eyes and guessed which one had been played. It is vital that children can distinguish and identify differences between different sounds that they hear everyday and this will help them to distinguish differences between the letter sounds when we begin to learn these.

Number Study - Number 7!

Number Study - Number 7! 1
Number Study - Number 7! 2
Number Study - Number 7! 3
Number Study - Number 7! 4
Number Study - Number 7! 5
Number Study - Number 7! 6
The children have been enjoying our number study area at the moment and using different resources to make our special number study number - which is number 7! Studying our numbers like this is very helpful in order for us to gain knowledge and strong understanding of each number and the value of them. We will be studying the number in order and working all the way through the teen numbers too! You can promote this at home too through many different ways. Can your child find you 7 of something? Can they find number 7 on your remote on phone? Can they write the number 7? Can they draw 7 things? There is lots of different ways to explore a number.