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Welcome to 6O webpage. The adults working in our class are Mr Oakley, Mrs Hill, Miss Colbran, Mrs Wardle, Miss Birch and Mrs Oldroyd.  We hope to make your child's final year year at primary school fun and exciting.
We have completed our "Space Seeds" experiment and submitted our data for analysis. As a Year group we have decided that the blue seeds were the ones  which went to space. Please see the video where Tim flips a coin to decide whether the Red or Blue went to space!

Year 6 have worked very hard this half term and we are very proud of how they have applied themselves during our End of Key Stage Tests.


We are currently working on our leavers production 'Pirates of the Currybean' and completing many transition activities to prepare the children for high school. Our production dates are: 

- Mon 27th June (1:15)

- Wed 29th June (6:00)

- Thu 30th June (9:30)

There is also a final year 6 only assembly on Friday 1st July (9:15). 

We hope to see you there! 


We have also implemented a new reward system for the children where they can earn stamps for excellent behaviour and effort in class. They hope to earn enough to go bowling and Pizza Hut, the cinema and many more fun activities.

They SHOT up over the weekend!!

Rocket Seeds!

Two kilograms of rocket seeds have been on the International Space Station for several months as part of British ESA astronaut Tim Peake’s six-month Principia mission.

The seeds have now been sent back and landed in the Pacific Ocean in the spring of 2016. They have been packaged up with identical seeds that have stayed on earth. We have been chosen as one of the participating schools and have received two packets of 100 seeds to grow and compare, and a collection of fun and inspiring curriculum linked teaching resources.

Rocket Seeds!

Science Week!!!

Science Week!!! 1 Adults have 5 litres of blood.
Science Week!!! 2 How blood circulates around your body.
Science Week!!! 3 Blood Soup!
Science Week!!! 4 Blood Soup!

World Book Day 2016

Library Visit

Library Visit 1
Library Visit 2
Library Visit 3
Library Visit 4
We found some fabulous books at the local library!

We have been thinking about the Maya Civilisation and what questions we could find the answers to whilst we study this interesting topic.

We have been thinking about the Maya Civilisation and what questions we could find the answers to whilst we study this interesting topic. 1

Christmas Jumpers!!

Christmas Jumpers!! 1

Christmas Jumper Day!

Ready for a fun day in our Christmas Jumpers!


Still image for this video
Our rockets were amazing !!!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Say hello to the school's new engineers and astronauts. This week year 6 have been making our very own bottle rockets to fly into space. As well as this, we have been working extremely hard on up-levelling a fictional letter. Also, some children are currently at Herd Farm - we hope they are having fun!

Rocket Building

Rocket Building 1
Rocket Building 2
Rocket Building 3
Rocket Building 4
Rocket Building 5
Rocket Building 6
Rocket Building 7
Rocket Building 8
Rocket Building 9

Make a Noise about Bullying!

During anti-bullying week our class has created graffiti style posters using the theme "Make a noise about bullying". We also thought about how to create a video to support this important message!

Fit for Space

We have been finding out about staying fit and healthy in space! We have discovered what astronauts eat on the International Space Station and designing space dinners! The children were a little disgusted when they found out what astronauts have to do to get water!

Picture 1

Cooking with Astronauts: The Great British Space Dinner

The International Space Station's kitchen is very different to those on earth. Heston Blumenthal considers what it takes to be a master chef in space and what this means for the space chefs who are designing a meal for for the British astronaut Tim Peake to eat during his mission.

South Leeds Academy Visit.

The year 6 children made us very proud today with their excellent behaviour on our first trip. All of the children had some 'taster' high school lessons such as French, Science and Geography.

South Leeds Academy

South Leeds Academy  1
South Leeds Academy  2
These websites provide some fun games to support your child's learning journey.