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Summer Term 2015

Week beginning 29th June 2015


This week we have all enjoyed singing the songs and supporting the Year 6's in their final production of Porridge. Thanks to all the parents who came along to support, I hope you agree that the children have done fantastically well to learn all their lines and songs in such a short space of time. 


In English, we are looking at diaries. We have read lots of diary extract and found the features of the extracts. On Friday, we will be writing our own diary entry about our favourite day/week in Year 5. The children have been asked to make notes and collect ideas for this diary entry, as their homework. In SPAG, we are further improving our grammar skills and have looked at prepositions this week, some of us have also been using them as our sentence openers.


In P.E. we are working up to being super athletes and ready to be the best at Sports Day! After concentrating on sprinting and team relay in previous weeks this week we have looked at throwing, in particular Javelin. 5T hope that you will be able to join us at 1.30pm on Thursday our races in Sports Day.



Week beginning 22nd June 2015


This week we have been planning and writing our own playscripts based on Broken:Rock, Paper, Scissors video (link below). We have been thinking about how the characters will act and talk to one another and the plot of our playscript. We are hoping to have time to perform these next week.


Broken:Rock・ Paper・Scissors

When Rock stumbles upon the magical Paper, it's love at first sight. But when the wrath of Scissors threatens the well-being of Paper, Rock must stop at nothing to save what he loves most, no matter the cost. Broken:Rock・ Paper・Scissors is a students animated short film, produced at Ringling College of Art & Design.

We are busy learning the songs for the Year 6 end of year production of Porridge. Your child should be bringing home a letter about this this week as there is an after school performance on Monday 29th June at 6pm. If you child is unable to attend, we need a letter from you telling us this.


Week beginning 15th June 2015


This week we have been enjoying learning more about Playscripts, in English. We have written a playscript, as a class, about the crash scene in The Railway Children and we are looking forward to writing our own next week. 


We have now finished our fantastic topic on Italy, the children have learnt all sorts of information including foods that are popular in Italy, music Italians enjoy and sports that are enjoyed. 


In P.E. we are enjoying working in teams and improving our skills in Athletics. We have learnt how to sprint and being part of a relay team. We are now all ready for Sports Day on Thursday 2nd July! 



Week beginning 1st June 2015


Welcome back 5T, Miss Griffiths and I hope you have had a relaxing week off in the sunshine! 


We have come back to an exciting trip to the Leeds Grand Mosque on Monday. The children learned more about the Islamic faith including prayer, giving to charity, the Qu'ran and the Five Pillars. Some lucky children even had the chance to dress up in traditional dress and the outfit that a Muslim would wear to pilgramage. Photos will be uploaded shortly.


Year 5 have also had the chance to see a theatre production on Wednesday. We were lucky enough to have a show of the Railway Children performed to us and then a glimpse of how the show is put together. This production has been used to kick off our new English topic - Playscripts.


On top of this, 5T have taken part, as have the rest of the school, in the Take One Picture initiative. We have responsed to Breakers Yard by Paul Anthony Waplington. 5T decided they wanted to recreate the picture by designing their own cars and  and creating a collage from these. Photos of this will be uploaded shortly.



Week beginning 18th May 2015


This week we have been learning about film narrative, in particular, The Piano by Aidan Gibbons. We have been identifying elements of the composition of the film, freeze framing some scenes as well as writing a character description from the point of view of the main character. Towards the end of the week we have been starting to think about our own short films and how we will display empathy to the viewer.


In our topic lessons we have been continuing to gain more information about the Islamic faith, in particular what the 5 pillars stand for and why Muhammad is so important to Muslims. In P.E. our defending and attacking skills are being perfected and we are applying these in games.






Week beginning 4th May 2015


This week we have been writing our own persuasive letter, we are trying to persuade Miss Wilson and Mr Garden to abolish homework in Year 5. We have thought about our use of persuasive language and have used conditional statements too.


In Science we have been recording gravity and air resistance experiments.


Planning our investigation

And then conducted the investigation:



Week beginning 27th April 2015


This week we have started to write a class version of the Billy Goats Gruff letter, based on the story of Rumpelstiltskin to the local authority. We have been thinking about writing in a formal style, including persuasive language and rhetorical questions.


In P.E. we are also developing our Netball attacking and defending skills, including the importance of passing accurately. In Topic, we are looking at forces including gravity and air resistance. 


5T enjoyed visitors on Tuesday afternoon, from our local Asda store. We investigated 4 herbs; thyme, parsley, mint and chives. We looked, smelt and tasted as well as planting our own herbs.

Keep an eye out for the herb garden growing in our classroom!


The children have also all been given their log ons for Reading Eggs and Mathletics to practice their maths and reading at home. The links to these sites are below:






Week beginning 20th April 2015


We have welcomed back Year 5 this week, with lots of stories of their holidays! We have all agreed that the lovely weather helped us have a brilliant fortnight.


We have started a new unit in our English lessons, we are looking at persuasive language. The focus of this is a letter written from Mr B. B. G. Gruff complaining about a nuisance troll living near his pasture! The children have started to learn this letter as well as looking at the features and inferring information about the characters. For homework this week, the children are asked to learn this letter off by hear, this can be found below.


In topic, we have started looking at forces, particularly in everyday situations. This half term in PSHE we are looking at the world we live in and diversity. For P.E. we will be focussing on attacking and defending skills particularly in Netball.


Spellings for week beginning 27th April are also below. These will be tested on Friday 1st May.


Spellings to be tested on Friday 1st May

Billy Goat Gruff Letter

Week beginning 9th March 2015


In Year 5 this week, we have be writing a class version of a non-chronological report. We have been writing in an impersonal and informative way about Fairtrade Bananas. Now we are going to collect information, from the internet, about another fairtrade product; tea, coffee, clothes or sugar, in groups to write a non-chronological report of our own.


In music, we are growing in confidence with playing the ukuleles and we have started to incorporate chime bars into our performance. This will mean that we are ready for our 10 Pieces' assembly that we will be holding before Easter. Keep an eye out for updates of when this will be.




Week beginning 2nd March 2015


This week in Year 5 we have been writing a class version of the Fairtrade Chocolate report, about Fairtrade Bananas. We have used technical and formal language to inform the reader. Also, we have  looked at materials and classifying items by these properties. These properties include transparent, opaque, absorbent and synthetic among others.


In music, we have been mastering playing the ukulele and chime bars. We have read the music of the Horn Concerto by Mozart and are now beginning to learn this on the ukulele.


Parents evening next week (week beginning 9th March 2015), your child will be getting their slips on Friday for your time slot.


Week beginning 23rd February 2015


Welcome back Year 5!


In Year 5, we have started a new English topic this week - Non-chronological reports. We are excited to find out all about the features of these reports and learn our text about Fair Trade Chocolate, by heart. 


Our focus in P.E. is throwing and catching, both at a target and to a partner. In PSCHE, we are learning more about how to more resilient and how to apply this to our learning.


Materials is our topic for Science this half term - we will be looking at how we group materials by their properties, including if they are transparant, opaque, magnetic and waterproof.


If you want to find out more about our materials topics head to the BBC website (link below)


After half term we welcome Mrs Gale back to the Year 5 team. She will be teaching in 5H and 5T on an afternoon. We are all happy to have her back!!


In Year 5, we have thought about our own 500 word stories this week. There are 30 wild and wonderful stories in 5T including:


Space Odyssey by Colette

Spell Gone Wrong by Alyssia

The Turtle and The Magic Book by Isabelle

Mick and The Crooked Witch by Dylan.


We also also been thinking about being healthy this week. We decided as a class we wanted to make fruit kebabs as our healthy snack. These included bananas, kiwi fruit, strawberry, grapes, orange and pineapple. Everyone agreed that they were very yummy.


Miss Tremayne and Miss Griffiths hope that all in 5T have a lovely half term!!


Following our Feelings Talk last week from Simon Benn, we are all feeling lots more positive - like Radical Raspberries and Brilliant Bananas.


See some of the pictures below of our juicers and our happy thoughts.


And here, Mia, Holly and Sophie acting out being juicers and putting fruit into the juicer!

Ask your children for more information about what we learnt at the Feelings Talk.

This week, we have started a new English topic - 500 words. This is a national competition for children under 13 run by BBC Radio 2 (see website below for more information). We have been looking at previous winners: reading these and listening to the audio books. We have also been designing book covers for these stories and thinking about what makes a great story.


In Music, we have started to make our own concertos in groups which they will be performing next week.


As promised here are some exciting images of the new classroom!

Hard at work in our new classroom.

Hard at work in our new classroom. 1
Hard at work in our new classroom. 2
Hard at work in our new classroom. 3

Year 5 have now moved into their new building, we have settled in nicely and are working hard. We are hoping to have some photos to post in coming days.


In English, we are creating our own Myths, involving horrible beasts and a hero character set in Ancient Greece. In Music, we are looking at instruments in an orchestra and the different sounds of an orchestra can make.


This term in P.E. we are learning all about hitting and dribbling skills in a variety of sports.


5T class assembly

Friday 12th December to start at 1.40pm. We would love you to come along - hope to see you there!

Year 5 pupils will be singing at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Leeds City Centre on Monday 15th December, Tuesday 16th December and Wednesday 17th December.


Children can wear festive jumpers and hats over their school uniform.


They will also be treated to hot chocolate and marshmallows when they return to school.

We have crashed back down to earth this week, after a fantastic few days at Robinwood.


Have a look at the children in action...


How high can your team go? The Crate Challenge!

How high can your team go? The Crate Challenge.


Working as a team to complete the Obstacle Course


Working together to conquer the Knights Quest!


Plucking up the courage for Archery


Flying through the air on the Giant Swing.

5T have written their own historical stories this week, set in Ancient Egypt. We have been using marvellous vocabulary, brilliant connectives and exciting openers to make our writing interesting to read.


This week is Anti-Bullying Week across the country so we have been thinking about bullying and how we make Sharp Lane an anti-bullying school. We have created our own jigsaw piece, in Topic time to show how we are promoting inclusion.


In English, as a class, we are writing a new version of the historical story Oliver Twist about a soldier in World War One called Tommy Watson.


We are investigating changing states of solids, liquids and gases. In particular, we have conducted evaporation and dissolving experiments.


Here's a few games to test your knowledge:






On Thursday 5T, along with the rest of Year 5 and Year 6, went to the church to do a Remembrance Service for the soldiers of WW1. We had some Year 6 pupils reading out their poetry about poppies and Year 5 reading their newspaper report about the Christmas Day truce. We also sang two songs - 'Fighting in the Trenches' and 'We Will Remember'. Here are some photos from the service:

Welcome to the 5T page


Miss Tremayne and Miss Griffiths are delighted to be working with 5T this year.


We are looking forward to the Robinwood Residential on 1st of December.


In topic we are looking at reversible and irreversible changes. Here is a website you might find helpful: