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Mr Smith

Mrs Carter-Green

Miss Gray

We've had a fun day in year 3 today making cous cous salad to sell at our enterprise fair after school.  We had to work out how much to sell the salad for and designed lids and posters to advertise our product.


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In computing we have been learning to use Microsoft Word and have used this to make our 'Thank you photo album' to send to Jo at Swillington organic farm for giving up her time to show us around her lovely farm and teach us about the animals and life on the farm.

Here are some of our pages....

We have been lucky to have Miss Shaw teaching us since Easter alongside Mr Smith and Mrs Carter-Green but today we had to say goodbye to her.  We have loved having her help in class and will really miss her.

We're hoping she has chance to come back for a day in our last weeks of year 3.

We were lucky enough on our trip today to sit out in Middleton park enjoying our picnic before going to play on the park and then heading towards the church. 

Father Andy showed us around the church and told us stories about Jesus' life.  He answered all of our questions and encouraged us all to read as many stories as possible.

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We have had a really busy half term to start the summer off and are looking forward to our last half term in year 3.


Swillington organic farm and den building at Ledston

Our trip to Swillington organic farm was a fantastic morning out.  We met Jo who owns the farm and she showed us around all of the different animals they have there.  We met a turkey, chickens, lambs, cows, pigs (one of them was called Harry and posed for a photo with our Harry) and tasted the yummy honey the bees make there too.

It was a great experience and Jo answered all of our questions about life on the farm and what it is like to be a farmer.


At lunch time we set off to the Ledston estate to refuel ourselves and get on with our den building.  We worked in teams with our teachers and each had to find a tree to build a den against.  Mrs Carter-Green was very proud of our dens and how well we worked in our teams.  So we returned to school with big smiles after a very tiring day. 

Leeds Grand Theatre

3RG had a great time at the theatre.  We're not sure who was more excited by the trip us or our teachers,  as they were very excited to stand on the stage!  

We had a tour of backstage including going all the way to the top of the building where the backdrops for the stage are painted.  The floor was a little wobbly up there so we didn't stay too long.

The main part of our visit was to create shadow puppets and do the sound effects to go with the traditional tales.  It was lots of fun being part of it and watching other people's stories too.

We all enjoyed cooking with Kay from the Country Trust. Mrs Carter-Green's family have loved the recipe for cous cous salad and hope you all have too!

We had a lot of fun raising money for Sport relief today by running a mile and completing an obstacle course at school too.  

3RG are super excited about British Science Week and we started our special activities today.  Julia and Maggy led their groups with two outdoor activities.  


Julia's group were searching for natural objects with the colours of the rainbow.  As you can see from their photographs they did a great job without stepping past of the school gates. 

Maggy's group were looking at where plants grow and found that plants are growing in the areas of soil and plant pots around school but that they also grow through the gaps in the pavement.  They are still trying to work out how this happens...


The final task of today's outdoor adventures is to explain the strange growth of ivy that I brought in to school.  It has different coloured leaves (dark green and very light green) and the children need to think of the reasons why it has grown that way.

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Picture 1
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Music performance!


We have been learning how to play instruments with Mrs Pearson since September and today we performed the songs we have learned for 3G.  The songs were Fluffy, an Argentine tango and Shortening bread.  We also received a certificate from Artforms to celebrate our achievements in music so far this year.

Music performance!

Music performance! 1
Music performance! 2

We've had a super fun afternoon in year 3.  The pantomime visited school today and we watched the story of Sleeping Beauty with years 1 and 2.

Maleficent was a little scary but she made us all laugh too and in the end Sleeping Beauty and Prince Eric lived happily ever after.

As part of Healthy Schools week we had a Zumba lesson today with Miss Nottingham.  We all worked really hard and have learnt a really fun way to keep ourselves fit and healthy. 





Year 3 are full of excitement after the Christmas holiday and have started our new topic Explore South America.  We have seen some amazing learning logs about Brazil and are all very excited to find out more about Brazil and the other countries in South America.


In maths we are working on telling the time, it will really help your children if you work on this tough skill whilst out and about or at home too. 


For the start of the New Year we are learning how to write a balanced argument and have already written about whether we think children should wear school uniform.  What do you think?


As you will have seen in the newsletter we are now asking that homework books are returned on Wednesdays.  Spelling tests will continue to be on Fridays so there is still a whole week to work on those.



September 2015!

We are super excited to be starting a new term at Sharp Lane and we hope that you are too! We are starting our new term by learning all about Prehistoric Britain. Do you know anything about the Stone Age? Bronze Age or Iron Age? Watch out for some interesting trips. 


We are also excited about our swimming lessons. In our class we will visit the swimming baths on Thursdays, from 2pm and we will be back to school at 3.30pm. Please remember your swimming kits!


The whole school are participating in a Raving Reading challenge. We hope to be the winners! To win the whole class needs to all read ten time to gain their first reading reward and the teachers will also get a special prize! Do you think we will win?

Christmas in 3RG!

A Trip to Prehistoric Britain!

Autumn 1 English


This half term we have been learning how to write a diary entry. We have been reading Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes and we have thought carefully about Cinderella. We have written a diary from the point of view of Cinderella and the Prince. We have also been learning how to perform poetry with intonation to an audience. In Creative Curriculum we have also written a Stone Age diary which gives the reader information about a typical day in the life of a stone age child.  

Texts Maps

Purple Polishing Our Learning!

Well Done Grace! When drafting her work, Grace has thought carefully about bits she has missed out and her spellings.

Well Done Grace! When drafting her work, Grace has thought carefully about bits she has missed out and her spellings. 1
To help us be resilient, we watched this clip to inspire us to keep going!

Autumn 2 English 


This half term we have started a new English topic. In the topic we will be learning to write an Adventure Story. We have started our topic by learning a text by heart. We will teach the children how to use description to show the reader what is happening through drama and role-play. Further, we will teach the children how to write a conversation using the correct punctuation- play the game below to get ahead of the game!


Watch this space for text maps and videos of the children performing!

We are currently practising how to use a dictionary. Please help your child by practising this important skill by playing the games below. 

3RG Maths Set


Autumn 1

This half term we have been concentrating on learning place value. We have been looking at the place value of both 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. We have been representing numbers in different ways and ordering them. We have learnt how to use a 200 square.


Autumn 2

In Maths we are moving on to use written methods for calculation. We have been using bead strings to help us add and subtract. We will be using number lines to add and subtract. This half term we will hold a maths workshop to show you how we teach this skill. Basic skills are very important at this stage so we encourage you to play the game below to keep you mental calculation skills sharp!

This is how we subtract using a number line:
Additional Games