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Welcome to 3G with Miss Graham and Mrs Hill

We have had a super week in 3G! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Asda and had fun tasting all the different breads from around the world. We also looked at the journey from wheat to shelf and all the different processes the flour goes through.
We have been very lucky in 3G this week as we have had a very special visitor coming to work with our class. Miss Haigh, a drama teacher, has been with us and we have worked really hard to produce some pieces of Drama linked to our Literacy topic of Stories. She was very impressed with our acting skills and the amount of effort and expression we put in! Well done 3G!smiley

Take One Picture

Take One Picture 1 Harry concentrating on cutting out a doorway.
Take One Picture 2 The girls working hard on a two-storey building.
Take One Picture 3 Onesime's excellent building.
Take One Picture 4 Karen adding the final touches!

This week in 3G, we have been responding to the painting, 'Breaker's Yard' by Paul Anthony Waplington, as part of the 'Take One Picture' project. We have used the internet to research the artist and enjoyed looking at some of his other work. We decided to re-create our favourite painting as a 3D model. We have had a lot of fun making, covering and painting our models and they looked fantastic at the after school exhibition on Friday.

We have had a fantastic day learning all about St George's Day. We sang the National Anthem in our assembly and we listened to the legend of George and the dragon. This afternoon we had a go at acting out the story and had so much fun! We also began looking at our new topic of Settlements and found out the origins of some place names.

Read the fantastic story we have written as a class this week - The exciting story of a young girl who builds an amazing submarine and goes on a fun-filled adventure to the bottom of the deep, blue ocean!

Well done to Dylan and Lottie for winning the magazines last week - keep up the good work! no

3G on World Book Day!

3G on World Book Day! 1
Last week in 3G we had a fantastic afternoon dancing at the disco and then we made some healthy fruit kebabs as part of our work on Change for Life. We all used tasty and colourful fruits and enjoyed eating them at home time!

Congratulations to Harley and Roksana for winning this week's magazines - who will win next week?


Congratulations to Scarlett for receiving her magazine for reading 100 times at home so far this year!!


Congratulations to Joseph for reading 50 times at home this year and receiving his book!!





Remember to practice singing 'Joseph's Coat' at home for our production!

Maria Friedman - Joseph's Coat, HD

Our new Topic is The Bronze Age, an exciting part of history to follow on from what the children know already about The Stone Age. We have asked questions such as, "how was Stonehenge built?" and "did children go to school in the Bronze Age?"  We have ordered Bronze Age events on a timeline, remembering that in the times Before Christ (B.C.), the years get bigger as we go back in time!
Picture 1
In English we will be learning to write our own adventure stories using powerful verbs and learning how to create our own imaginary settings.

Why not practise our Christmas carols and songs to get in to the festive mood?

This week in 3G we have begun our new topic on 'Mountains.' We have been using the computers to research and create different mountains from all around the world! The two most popular mountains to be researched in our class have been Mount Everest because it is the tallest in the world and the Puig Campana in Spain because of the myth which surrounds the mysterious gap at the top!

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