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Fun Dancing on the Last Day

Fun Dancing on the Last Day 1
Fun Dancing on the Last Day 2
Fun Dancing on the Last Day 3
Fun Dancing on the Last Day 4
Fun Dancing on the Last Day 5
Fun Dancing on the Last Day 6
Fun Dancing on the Last Day 7
Fun Dancing on the Last Day 8

Last Day Fun!


We have had a great last day! We have liked learning new dance moves to the 'Cheerleader' song and 'Uptown Funk'. We also enjoyed free-styling to Bob Marley. 

Pirate Day in 2L - 20th July


What a fun Day we have had acting as pirates! We even made a pirate ship and have had fun playing in it, although too many little girl and little boy pirates were made to walk the plank!!

Pirate Day Photos!

Pirate Day Photos! 1
Pirate Day Photos! 2
Pirate Day Photos! 3
Pirate Day Photos! 4
Pirate Day Photos! 5
Pirate Day Photos! 6
Pirate Day Photos! 7
Pirate Day Photos! 8
Pirate Day Photos! 9
Pirate Day Photos! 10
WE have enjoyed learning all about Crocodiles this week! We have made crocodile pictures and have written stories and information texts about crocodiles. What super home learning Harrison West has done! A story, an information book, pictures and real life crocodiles!! Well done Harrison!
Picture 1
Take a peek at our role-play work, acting out the tale of St. George's Day. Who do you think is George? Who do you think is the dragon?

6 R Girls !!


Well done girls. You are our animal stars of the day.

Daisy - you were a Responsible Penguin - thank you for moving the boards so that we do not trip over!

Jessica - you were a Risk taking hedgehog because you tried to say Good afternoon in Urdu.

Summer, Freya and Amelia - You were Relationship Dolphins for helping the dinner lady to get a pupil across the tyres in the playground!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Well done Caitlin! You are a Resilient Spider - fantastic clear sentence in writing!:)

St George's Day!


Keep keep keep the law,

That's the way to live.

Happily happily happily happily,

Help to others give!


Thank you to those Beavers and Rainbows who came in their uniforms today and shared their experiences. Beavers - thank you for teaching us the above song!




Picture 1

Easter Holiday Homework - Just reminding you that you have a punctuation homework sheet to complete, which is due in on the first day back at school. Also, enjoy reading your books. Let's try to get some more ticks on the Raving Readers board!


Extra Easter Holiday Homework! - What Comes Out at Night topic

It would be super if you would like to find out more about this topic.

You could find out about people who come out at night. It might be people who work at night, e.g. firemen and policemen. 

You could also find out about what the landscape looks like at night time, e.g. lights in the city and countryside.

You could find out about the sun, moon and the stars, which of them are out at night time and why. 


I look forward to hearing about your research when we are back at school.


Enjoy your Easter break! 


Miss Lunn.

What a great final week of term. 2L have had lots of fun creating nocturnal animals and their habitats. We wrote some super descriptions of our animals using noun phrases. Take a look through the photos!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1

German Numbers 1 - 10


1   eins

2   zwei

3   drei

4   vier

5   funf

6   sechs

7   sieben 

8   acht

9   neun

10  zehn

Nocturnal Animals 1

HI 2L!


Great work at learning the song words for our new BFG song. Excellent actions and instrument playing from you too. Keep up the practicing. Here are the words if any of you have forgotten!....

Monday 23rd March


What a fantastic day we had on Friday watching the eclipse through our paper plates. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves! 

Let's see what you have learnt this morning at school......smiley

See you soon!

Picture 1 Bob's Bathroom
Picture 2 Rocket launch pad centre
Picture 3 the moon
Picture 4 souvenier shop
Picture 5 Bob's Bedroom
2L had a great week turning the classroom into the setting from our Space story, Man on the Moon. Take a look!

Year 2 having a great time making Healthy Snacks 05.02.15

Year 2 having a great time making Healthy Snacks 05.02.15 1
Picture 1
Excellent day yesterday in the planetarium 2L! Great learning about the planets and constellations!

Hi 2L!


Excellent habitat research last week. Thank you for all your homeworks! Your information texts were fantastic.


Our next topic will be Space so it would be great if you would like to research this topic at home and you can share your learning at school!

Christmas with the Aliens - Performances:

Monday 8th December 2014 at 1:45pm

Tuesday 9th December 2014 at 9:30am

Thursday 11th December 2014 at 9:30am


Don't forget KS1 Christingle Service on Friday 12th December - 10am at St. Mary's Church, Middleton.

I would also like to say a great Well Done to Rosie and Amelia for taking over the roles of Miss Diccoco and myself. A excellent effort girls - I hope you enjoyed the day. I did!:)


Miss Lunn.

smiley Hi!

Welcome to the exciting 2L page! 2L are an energetic, enthusiastic and hard working class. We enjoy learning and having fun at school! We know that it is important to behave sensibly in lessons so that we can learn to the best of our ability. We try to 'Reach for the Stars' in all lessons. We are good friends and good at helping each other in lessons and in the playground.


Our teacher is Miss Lunn and she is supported by Miss Diccoco.

They help support us in our learning journey and through our learning experiences.

We really like having lessons outside in the school environment, especially like learning in the school garden, with our gardener, Lois.


Last week, we explored symmetry in 2D shapes. To celebrate Bonfire Night, the children used oil pastels to produce explosive firework pictures!

Homework Week beginning 4th November -

To be handed in on Friday 7th November


Handwriting Practice.

Please complete the homework sheet that you have been given. Some of you are practising Leading Lines and writing using joined up letters, others are practising forming single letters corectly.


Put in in the Purple homework box when you have completed it!


Remember to practise for your Spellings and Mental Maths. The sheets are in your red books.