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We have been learning all about pirates - what they do, where they come from and what they wear. We have been learning The Night Pirates story and the children have adapted this to write their own. The children are also designing and making their own pirate bags in Art and DT. 

Take One Picture

For our Take One Picture project, children made collages of Sharp Lane in the style of Paul Waplington's Breakers Yard. 

This week, we have been using the column method to add and subtract two 2-digit numbers. At first, we found this a bit tricky but we kept trying and then got there at the end.

We have also been learning about recycling and have patrolled the school grounds to find litter we could recycle - the children were excellent litter detectives!

Picture 1
The children have been completing various Maths challenges; showing great resilience to solve problems.
Picture 1 Fantastic work in Maths and Literacy!
Picture 2 Super bar chart work!
Picture 1 Marta: "I love my new book, The Six Little Chicks"
Picture 2 Amy reading her book My Family.
Picture 3 Jessica and Victoria love reading stories!
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Picture 2
Picture 3

Welcome to class 2B. Our class teacher is Miss Bentley and we are supported by Mrs McElvogue.


We are a very enthusiastic class who love learning! 


We had a fantastic trip to the library and chose some brilliant books! Here are some we chose.






This week, we have been learning fractions. The children enjoyed playing interactive games to help grasp using fractions so if your child would like to practise at home, please click the following link:


We will be visiting the library on Tuesday and choosing new books so keep an eye out for photographs of your child reading and completing a book review in front of the class!



March has been a very busy month for 2B!

We have been learning about animal adaptations; looking at special features of polar bears and camels and finding out how they both manage to survive in such different climates. In Literacy, we have been reading Julia Donaldson stories and writing our own descriptions of the Gruffalo, using fantastic descriptive sentences. 


On Friday, 2B took to the playground to witness the solar eclipse and some children even saw the eclipse using paper plates!





The planetarium came to Sharp Lane!

This week, we had a very exciting visit as the planetarium came to Sharp Lane Primary School! The children loved learning about the different star constellations and can now name some e.g. Orion's Belt, The Bull, The Scorpion and Pisces. 


Here are some of the constellations the children learned about:



Healthy snacking

On Friday, the children will be making their own healthy snack. Due to their love of fruit, they have chosen to make fruit skewers!! Watch this space to see photographs of the children making their snacks........!



We have been learning about place value in maths and thinking about how and when we use it in everyday life.


More recently, we have been exploring using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve problems. The children have related this to situations at home and at school such as sharing toys with siblings and sharing resources in groups at school.


2B really enjoy playing interactive Maths games such as Hit the Button and Ghostblasters on the Top Marks website.


To access the Ghostblasters multiplication game, please click on the link below:









Over the next few weeks, we will learning about Space. In this topic, we will mainly focus on the history of Space exploration.

In Literacy, we have been learning about Black history; studying iconic figures Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela.


3 Facts about Rosa Parks: Did you know...?

1. Parks was not the first African-American woman to be arrested for refusing to yield her seat on a Montgomery bus.
Nine months before Parks was jailed, 15-year-old Claudette Colvin was the first Montgomery bus passenger to be arrested for refusing to give up her seat for a white passenger. (Parks was involved in raising defense funds for Colvin.) Three other African-American women—Aurelia Browder, Mary Louise Smith and Susie McDonald—also ran afoul of the bus segregation law prior to Parks. The four were plaintiffs in the Browder v. Gayle case that resulted in the Supreme Court ruling bus segregation unconstitutional.

2. Parks was a civil rights activist before her arrest.
Parks was a long-time member of the Montgomery chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), which she joined in 1943. At the time of her arrest, she was a secretary of the local NAACP chapter, and the previous summer she had attended a workshop for social and economic justice at Tennessee’s Highlander Folk School. Her political activism continued through the boycott and the rest of her life.

3. Parks had a prior encounter with James Blake, the bus driver who demanded she vacate her seat.
In 1943, Blake had ejected Parks from his bus after she refused to re-enter the vehicle through the back door after paying her fare at the front. “I never wanted to be on that man’s bus again,” she wrote in her autobiography. “After that, I made a point of looking at who was driving the bus before I got on. I didn’t want any more run-ins with that mean one.” After the written order from the Supreme Court outlawing bus segregation arrived and the Montgomery Bus Boycott ended on December 21, 1956, one of the newly integrated buses that Parks boarded to pose for press photographs happened to be driven by Blake.