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Welcome to Class 1G!

In our class you will find Miss Gillingham and Mrs McElvogue. Our classroom has lots of creative areas where we can apply our skills in English and Maths in a new way.


On Monday 11th July, Transition Fortnight starts where 1G will meet their new teacher for Year 2! Classes are being mixed, this will give the chance for children to make new friendships and build resilience to change!


I would just like to say a great big WELL DONE to Class 1G this year! It only seems like yesterday when I opened the door in September to some very nervous 5 year olds! You have all grown into smart, funny, caring boys and girls and I'm so proud of everything you have achieved in Year 1. Good luck with everything in the future! I know you will continue to blossom throughout your time at Sharp Lane! Love, Miss Gillingham smiley x

Tuesday 26th July 2016


Welcome back 1G! I'm so pleased we've got 3 more days together to enjoy lots of fun activities and say our goodbyes before Year 2!


Today, we took our graduation photos and had a DVD, Popcorn and PJ afternoon! We had so much fun! frown


Thursday 7th July 2016


Today, the sun was shining and we could finally hold our Sports Day! All of the children had a wonderful time competing in different events. Winners received medals and everyone else received certificates! We loved chanting and celebrating when our friends won frown 


We also competed in an obstacle race and had the chance to go on a bouncy castle! After school, it was Sharp Lane's Got Talent! Well done to Hope and Dadiva for competing, everyone was very impressed with your hoola-hoop dancing! smiley


Wednesday 6th July 2016


This afternoon, we had the chance to watch a very special Puppet Show! We watched a man tell traditional stories through the use of puppets. It was such a funny performance, and we were giggling lots! It gave us so much inspiration and was a fantastic, creative stimulus for writing in the classroom! laugh


Friday 1st July 2016


Today was an incredibly exciting day! We all had the opportunity to visit Meanwood Valley Farm! We had so much fun and learnt so much. We got to go on two different workshops, 'Discovering Minibeasts' and 'Discovering Ponds'. We split into groups and search through the meadows for lots of different minibeasts. We even discovered a newt and a toad!

After, we went pond dipping! We all got nets and had the chance to fish for lots of pond life! We found tadpoles, fish and lots of other pond insects! We then had to separate the fish from the other animals and take them back to the stream so they didn't eat all of the tadpoles!


After lunch, we got to travel around the farm and meet all of the farm animals, including pigs, llamas, donkeys, goats and baby lambs! We even got to stroke guinea pigs and chickens! smiley


Thursday 30th June


In the afternoon, we learnt all about Plants! Firstly, we went to the garden to collect lots of flowers/plants for our 'tough tray' in the classroom. After that, Miss Gillingham set up the classroom with lots of activities for us to explore! One of them included planting our own seeds and writing instructions! smiley




Louis, our school gardener, also harvested the strawberries we had grown in the garden! They were so yummy! surprise


Thursday 30th June 2016


Today was SPORTS DAY! Although, we did have a complete downpour of rain so some events didn't go ahead as planned! (Races will take place on 7th July!) frown


We still were able to come dressed in our sports kit and we had the opportunity to meet a 'Football Trickster' who showed us how to do tricks! We had so much fun! no



We also designed our own sports tops! smiley


Monday 27th June 2016


This morning, we travelled on minibuses to the Leeds City Varieties! We had a very special guided tour of the building! We even got to go BACKSTAGE to see the green room, dressing room AND even got to go onto the stage! We learnt so much from our visit, ask your children at home all about the visit smiley

Friday 24th June 2016


During free choice, Chloe created her own 'Statue of Liberty' costume! Well done, Chloe! Very creative! 


CHALLENGE: Where is the Statue of Liberty? mail


frownfrown KIDZ CORNER! frownfrown


Seamus - "I have had a lovely day at school"

Shane - "I like doing work at school"

Brooke - "I like reading in the reading corner"

Ruby - "I like afterschool club even though I get sweaty!"

Eboni - "I like school because I get to do Maths!"

Poppy - "I'm excited to go to the City Varieties!"

Monday 20th June 2016


We made lovely bouquets of flowers in the garden with Lois! We were able to gather flowers and tie them together using coloured wool. We then put them into jugs to display on the tables in the dinner hall! Everyone eating their lunch could look at our beautiful bouquets! smiley


Tuesday 14th June 2016


We have been securing our knowledge of labels, lists and captions and also non-chronological reports! Look at the wonderful work we have made! We did this all by ourselves with no help! smiley


Friday 10th June 2016


Today we celebrated the Queens birthday! We had a lovely picnic in the hall, and we wrote postcards to the Queen! smiley


Thursday 9th June 2016


We have been visiting the garden to check up on our strawberries that are growing! Soon, we will be measuring their height using rulers. 


In the meantime, we are been practicing measuring other plants in the garden.



CHALLENGE QUESTION - What units of measurement will we use? mail

frownfrown KIDZ CORNER! frownfrown


Seamus - "I'm glad I'm back at school today!"

Ruby - "I'm excited to make a butterfly card"

Tia - "Today, we are going to the garden, I'm really excited!"

Hope - "We are all excited to practice our class assembly next week!"

Amber - "I'm enjoying learning about the Arctic Fox"

Eboni - "I'm excited to find out who is the winner of the school raffle!"

Chloe - "I've enjoyed learning all about non-chronological reports"

Nolah - "I'm so excited to go to the garden today"


Thursday 12th May 2016


This afternoon, it was so sunny and warm that we decided to take our reading books outside and read on the grass! We had so much fun and it was lovely to relax in the sun with our favourite stories!


Thursday 28th April 2016


frownfrown KIDZ CORNER! frownfrown


Macy - "Today, I have learnt lots about non-chronological reports!"

Tia - "We've been learning about what features are in a non-chronological report, I know I need to include my punctuation!"

Dadiva - "I love coming to school because I get to learn lots of stuff!"

Hope - "We come to school because we enjoy learning!"

Charlie - "We have been learning lots about animals in non-fiction books!"

Harry - "I've learnt lots of stuff about World of Warriors because we got new toys today!"

Caleb - "Today, someone very kind gave us some new toys!"

Theo - "I love school because every teacher is so nice and so is everyone else."

Wednesday 20th April 2016


Today, we went to the garden and planted strawberries! We will keep popping back to check on their growth!


Tuesday 19th April 2016


This afternoon, some ladies from ASDA visited us and brought in lots of ingredients for us to create our own pizzas! We had so much fun and we couldn't wait to take them home and eat them! smiley


Monday 18th April 2016


We have been learning all about different types of measures, including capacity (using measuring tubes) and length (using trundle wheels). We loved exploring measures and enjoyed using all of the equipment! smiley


Friday 18th March


This week was 'Science Week'! Our investigation was testing what happens to ice when left on different coloured card. It has been said that different colours can effect the melting time of the ice!


We set up the experiment and went in groups to check on the progress of the ice! Our prediction was that warmer colours - such as orange - would melt the ice quickest, however our experiment showed that green card melted the ice the quickest! 


In order to make sure this investigation was a fair test, we would have to repeat the experiment again, which we will do at a later date! Then, we can compare our results.


Friday 11th March


A very big thank you to all parents who attended the Parent Consultation appointments this week. It was lovely to catch up with you all and discuss your child's progress. I'm very proud of everyone in 1G and I hope that you found the meeting beneficial and supportive!


As discussed with many parents, I will be sending home various resources to support your child, such as handwriting sheets, practice phonics screening tests, copies of children's work, etc... These will be sent home within the next week. Thank you! smiley

Thursday 10th March


Today, we had a very special guest from an author - Saviour Pirotta! We enjoyed listening to some interesting and funny stories, and we loved learning how to plan our very own stories using the 'story ladder'. Saviour taught us that we can create any story, all it needs is a problem and a solution! This links in really well with our English topic at the moment, 'Jim and the Beanstalk'. Ask your child to describe the problem and solution in 'Jim and the Beanstalk' at home smiley



Friday 4th March


IT'S SNOWING! Today we had A LOT of snow, so we all got our wellies on and went onto the field to build snowmen! We had a lot of fun but we were also very cold!



Thursday 3rd March


Today we celebrated World Book day! We all dressed up as our favourite book characters and discussed with the rest of the class why we enjoy particular stories. The afternoon was spend reading books from our classroom book corner and books we chose from the Library; we then completed book reviews and created art inspired by book front covers!


26th January 2016


I have put some 2x, 5x and 10x table posters and tricky word mats in your child's bookbag - please make use of these at home to support your child's learning! smiley


This week we are learning all about multiplication! This can be a very hard area of Maths to understand so we have been doing lots of practical activities using matching cards, numicon and arrays to help us! 


20th January 2016


This week we have been learning lots of new things! We have been learning how to make different amounts using money, we have been finding out the properties of materials with our Topic homework and we have been becoming adjective superstars by describing characters from our current book 'Monkey Puzzle'! smiley




15th January 2016


NOTICE: Indoor P.E. has moved from Tuesday afternoons to Thursday morning. Please make sure your child's P.E. kit is available on Thursday as well as Wednesday (outdoor).

8th January 2016


Welcome back everybody; we have had a great first week back! We have made New Years Resolutions, learnt our 2x and 10x table and began learning all about poetry and rhyming words! 


Spelling lists were given out today so please check your child's bookbag - the spelling test will be on Wednesday!




17th December 2015


Year 1 have had such a busy week! After performing our Christmas nativity, we have had a Christmas party, a yummy Christmas dinner, meeting Santa in his grotto, Christmas Craft day AND a Christingle service at the church! We also found out we achieved an average of 95% attendance this term and will be rewarded with a DVD and popcorn afternoon!



Thank you to parents for coming along to watch the Christmas concert, and for those who attended workshops this term. I wish you all a very merry Christmas, and can't wait to see you all again in the new year! :)


17th November 2015


In English, we have been learning all about instructions. First, we made a set of instructions on 'How to Make a Habitat for a Bird' (ask us to show you our actions!). Once we finished writing our instructions, we got the chance to make our very own birds nest. Have a look!



But today, we changed our instructions from making a habitat for a bird, to making a habitat for a mouse! We had to change our equipment list and change some of our instructions. We then got the chance to make our own 'Mouse House'. Have a look at our different mouse habitats; although we all followed the same instructions, ours all look so different! 


3rd November 2015


Today, Miss Gillingham took us outside to the playground and garden, and we had to explore the area to find as many natural shapes as we could! We then had to name them and explain their properties. Look at all the shapes we found! 


Thursday 15th October 2015


Please complete any assigned homework on Mathletics by going to - it will help support Maths lessons during school! 

Your child has been given a log in card; it should be in their book bag! Simply log on and you will see any assignments that have been set by myself.

Monday 12th October 2015


We have been doing lots of maths in 1G! We now know our number bonds to 10, and can write number sentences using addition and subtraction!

We also know all of our odd and even numbers, our ordinal numbers and how to use numicon! Look how clever we are:


Tuesday 22nd September 2015


Today, 1G met PC Dobson, a real life superhero! She is a police woman, and we learnt lots about what her role is in the community and what she gets up to! We learnt what all of her equipment does, and we even got to try some things on!






Next week, we are having a special visitor! A local superhero, a police woman, is coming in to see each Year 1 class, for a chance to explain her superhero duties and for children to ask any questions they may have about her real life super powers!


This supports our Topic theme, where we are learning all about superheroes and real life superheroes in our local area!


PARENTS, CAN YOU HELP US?! Over the weekend, have a little chat with your child about what they think a policeman/woman does for the local community, and what they would like to ask our visitor next week. Can you think of any other local superheroes? Who else, in the local area, helps us? Can you draw a picture of a policeman/woman? Can you label their uniform?


Show us everything you know about local superheroes!


Information for Parents


Indoor P.E. - Tuesday

Outdoor P.E. - Wednesday


Please bring a P.E. bag with a suitable change of clothes for each session. A hoody/fleece should be available for children during outdoor P.E. (it's getting chilly!)


Music - Wednesday

Art - Wednesday


These sessions are run by subject specialists, ask your child what they got up to!


Book Bags


Please make sure your child has a book bag and brings it to school each day. It's very important that they keep any newsletters, reading books and work safe during the journey from school to home.


Lunch Boxes


Here at Sharp Lane, we like to encourage as much healthy eating as we can! We'd love to see your child bringing fruit or vegetable snacks in their lunch box, it helps keep their brain boxes switched on!


Wednesday 16th September 2015


Today, we got the chance to show Miss Gillingham how clever we are with our numbers! We used our snappy friends, Croccy and Ally (crocodile symbols for comparing numbers), and looked at what numbers were bigger or smaller than each other!


Look at how clever we are! 

Monday 14th September 2015


Today, Miss Gillingham told us that we had something very exciting in our classroom.... a dinosaur fossil! Not only did we discuss dinosaurs, fossils and what equipment explorers use to dig up dinosaur bones, but we actually got to have a go ourselves! Look at us using a hammer, chisel and brush to discover our very own fossil! I wonder what dinosaur will be inside....


Friday 11th September


Today, Miss Gillingham told us all about a competition that was being held across the whole school! If we created a piece of work to do with the Gruffalo, we could have the chance to win £250 of books AND the Gruffalo will even come and visit us in the afternoon!


We couldn't wait to get started on our work so we could hopefully win! We spent the day doing lots of different Gruffalo activities that supported the curriculum - we included Maths, English, Science, Geography and Art - then displayed everything on a huge canvas! Look at our amazing work:



Thursday 10th September


In the afternoon, we were able to let our creative fingers run wild! Miss Gillingham gave us a huge canvas of cardboard and we were able to design our own piece of work which displayed our own Art and what makes us special as a class.


We will continue working on this throughout the year as a collage, adding more and more artwork to the canvas, so by the end of Year 1 we will have a huge display of each child's creativity and imagination.



Thursday 10th September 2015


Over the summer, children collected lots of objects that were very special to them and put them in a special bag. We showed these to the rest of the class during circle time, and we also wrote some sentences about what we had put in our special bags!